Robert Burnaby Disc Golf

             Playground of the Gods

Remembrance Day









      18 doubles players and 10 casual players got in one round before we packed up due to snow.



 Burnaby Mountain is a spectacular venue for a course. It's close by, only 15 minutes from Robert Burnaby.





 You won't mind standing there waiting for your partners to throw with views like this:

or this:

Sat Apr 17th 2010 - a light rain kept the pedestrians away for the day. Over a dozen players showed up for 3 rounds of the 13 hole course. This was a scaled back version of the possible courses that can be set up. The Friday afternoon before the park was packed with sunbathers, families playing badminton and 3 hang gliders.

How it looked Friday afternoon, though there's only 1 hang glider in the picture: 

This is a map of a natural objects course I've used:

The first hole tees from Lovers Lane of the rose garden (so you can check the view towards Port Moody)

    with the target being a 20X30 ft mosaic


                      There's an over 200 meter downhill shot to a telephone pole.

When there's no pedestrians, a 340' shot from the "Edge of a Continent" bench near the Tancho crane eco-sculpture through the base of the sculpture pointing to our sister city, Kushiro, Japan




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