Robert Burnaby Disc Golf

Temporary Courses Set Up At Robert Burnaby Park 

420 Tag Tourney #9 May 26, 2013


Mar 4, 2013 420 Tag #6 Chad's Glow & Rolled Round

420 #5 Reveen!


Oct 15,'12 420 Tag Tourney - We hung 5 tonals in the upper area, around the tennis court of Robert Burnaby to make a 15 hole course using 8 of the 10 baskets of the regular course and the tonals up top. Rained hard halfway thru and again at the end. Finished at one of the most open holes so it could be played in the dark. Conditions difficult enough the 420 Tag was won with only a par score by Boomer.


Aug 19, '12 - 420 Tag Tourney 14 temporary targets set up

The original layout up top back in 2008. Long holes and quick set up.


The 2009 Robert Burnaby Memorial Jan 10th had 12 hardy souls show up to play in miserable conditions a 12 target layout with 10 "fatties" and a couple of stove pipe style portable tonals.

Mike used tonals to set up practice rounds for the Feb 09 Duck Golf tournament.  --


 Later that year in March Brent set up his 20 hole course that we played after the first Club meeting.

Dec 2009 24 players showed up for the 18 hole easy set up perimeter layout. It went pretty smoothly even with 6 groups on the course, many fairway crossovers and some of the targets shared. Used a portable basket for hole 18 for the CTP. --  

2010 Robert Burnaby Memorial  using 2 portable baskets and my 12 'tonals'. -------

Practice rounds were set up ahead of the first Burnaby Open in March 2010.    -----

This set up using my 10 fatties connecting the upper and lower park was used for a doubles round and a group playing the Ript Revenge disc golf card game.   -------

The 2011 Robert Burnaby Memorial used a variety of targets, my portable fatties, Mike's tonals, a hanging tonal and 7 of the regular course baskets.       --------------

I fit my 10 'fatties', 2 stovepipe and 6 Mike tonals into my Ford Escort Wagon    for the 2011 Duck Golf practice round      ------   

My tonals  were used for this year's 2011 Burnaby Open practice rounds.   ------ 

On June 5th 2011 we finally had our Bag Tag day, from idea to selling tags . . .       took almost 6 months. We set up 2 courses, a longer one in the morning and a shorter 18 holes in the afternoon.  The morning course:


and the 18 hole layout we fit onto the regular course in the afternoon:




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